Quick Facts

Made by: Jonathan Nilsson

Made in: Sweden

Released: 1 November 2019

Platform: Steam


Price: 3.99$ / 3.29£

Game Introduction

Sticky the Cat is on a little adventure retrieving a cake that a mouse stole. Help Sticky through 8 levels full of dangerous mice. Go about the adventure however you like at your own pace.

Game Features

• Multiplayer up to 4 players! You can play locally or you can use Steams built-in Remote Play Together, where only one player needs to own the game and 3 other Steam friends can play together online!

• 2 Characters, Sticky and Catlyn!

• Level Editor! Make a level and then export the level, and send the level to other players so they can play your level! Or your friends can make a level for you to play, that you import into the game!

• Fun movement, like climbing walls and pouncing trough cardboard boxes!

• High score! Each level keeps track of your highest score!
• Speedrun! Each level keeps track of your fastest time!

• Compete with your friends and see who has the highest score or fastest time on each level and try to beat theirs!

Request Copy

If you're going to review or write about the game, you can request a free Steam key via Keymailer


Note, only do this if you're actually going to make content, like make a review, let's play, post, article, etc.

Press Kit

Assets to use

Download this zip file that includes images, screenshots, logos, promotional artwork, emotes, trailers, backgrounds, all free to use!
All assets are organized in the zip file so it's easy to find exactly what you need! Use them for thumbnails, in an article, etc.

They are free to use and you have permission to use them. (zip file is 345 MB)


Let's plays

Here are some lets plays already made about Sticky Paws!


Some tips for new lets players:

  • The number one equipment you should invest in if you want to seriously make let's plays is a good microphone, the sound is much more important than a good webcam, people can make good lets plays without ever owning a webcam but your microphone is everything.

  • Before you start your let's play, just test recording the game and see if the video doesn't lag before making the let's play. Just see if you can start playing level 1 without problems. You may need to change some options in your recording software so that it doesn't lag.

  • When you export the video, watch the whole video from that file that you just made, it can happen that you notice an error or that the video gets corrupted when you export it, and a video can get corrupted midway through the video so watch the whole thing. If that happens then try to close as many unnecessary programs as you can and export the video again and leave the computer alone until the export is finished. You don't want to upload a video and realize later that there was a mistake with the video.

  • Take your time to make a good thumbnail for the video. You have to make a thumbnail that people want to click on. I would recommend that you have the games logo and main character in the thumbnail and make them easy to see on a small screen, like on the phone screen. Make any text easily readable on a small thumbnail, use very short phrases so you can make the text very big, and make it preferably white with a really thick black outline. Ensuring that you make a thumbnail that people want to click on will get many more people to want to see your video.

And one more tip if you play any of my games:

  • If you have twitter, post a link to your video, and tag me in the post (@Jonnilll) and I may share your video.

Permissions / Disclaimers

Do you have permission to use the contents of this website? YES!
You and anyone else have full permission to use all of this content for review, let's play, post, article, commercial use, or any other way this content can be used for. There is no risk of using this content. You will not get in trouble for using any of this content. Everything on this page is free to use. You will not have to ask Jonnil / Jonathan Nilsson for permission to use this content. You can use the games logo in your thumbnail. You can make a let's play series of Sticky Paws. You can monetize your content about Sticky Paws. You can have sponsors in your content about Sticky Paws. Everything is permitted.

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