You are in a basement, with a flashlight, and a corpse. 

WARNING: This is a horror game if you are afraid, but still want to play it, do not forget to film you play the game and put it up on YouTube soon:3 and please credit and support me by putting this site in the description, thanks!

Note: This game was done in early 2014 by only me and my brother and his girlfriend did some of the sound effects heard in this game. I didn't have Game Maker: Master Collection then so I wanted to upload this game here to see if the HTML 5 module works if this isn't a good game enough I just want to say that the future games I will make are going to be much better. You can download the game here If the game is lagging for you.

Update: I noticed that the decorations wouldn't show up as I wanted it to so I fixed it, so you can see the details I put down in the game for a hand. I also tried to fix the problem of that the character got stuck in the walls but I couldn't fix it, this problem I should see way before I was working with the game but I did some changes to the wall collision, but they are minor changes. You can see this update as some sort of "Over 1000-views update" because thank you all for the views this game got!