New feature "Community Chat" and more!

This is what the website looks like now...

The site has a new layout, most changes are on the home page so I'll list some here:

• You can see the latest game in the right-upper corner of the website at all times.

• Because you can see the latest game in the corner of the website, you now see a small selection of games that you can scroll through on the homepage under "Games by Jonnil".

• There is a "Back to Top" button when you scroll down, its located in the right-down corner of the website at all times.

• Blog post highlights, you can see some blog posts on the homepage in a small form.

This may not be much, so I wanted there to be a new feature.

You can now post comments to a Community Chat!

This is a experimental feature and may change drastically in the future.

As of now, you can access the Community Chat here:

You will be sent to a "Welcome to Community Chat" page, and you have to read the guidelines before you post any comments. To continue, wait for the button to appear that says "Go to Chat". The button takes some time before it appears so that you don't skip the guidelines, they are important!

You can now post comments! I will explain what you can do when you are posting a comment:

• You can upload a picture. This should be Jonnil related!

• Use built-in emojis.

• Sign in with social media, like Facebook, twitter or google+.

• Sign in with just your name, include your email (which is optional).

That's it, now you can just click "Comment" and you will post your comment!

This is what you can do with other or your own comments:

• You can reply to a comment.

• You can share a comment on twitter, Facebook, or other social media. To do this just press the small icon for the social media that you use, it's in a dark blue color.

•You can like a comment when you press the heart icon, it's in a dark blue color.

That is all that you have to know, remember that I will see every comment on the Community Chat, and so I may respond to some comments. Let's see where the Community Chat will take us, it may get chaotic, but don't be afraid to chat!

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