New "Jonnil mailing list" feature!

I have now added a new feature to the website, you can now join the Jonnil mailing list program!

What is the Jonnil mailing list? When you are subscribed to the Jonnil mailing list, you will be informed through an email whenever a new blog post is published on the site. Because I never update often, I think it would be wise that you could be informed through your email whenever I post something. Now you don't need to visit the website all the time to check for news, your email is something you check more frequently, I suppose.

Where do I find the Jonnil mailing list? When you visit, click where it says "Blog", there you will see all the blog posts that have been made, but you should already be here as you're reading this. If you don't see the "Join the Jonnil mailing list" message, scroll down until you see it. When you see it, you need to first type your own email address besides the "Your Email" message, so that the Jonnil mailing list program knows where it should send news, blog posts, and updates. When you have typed your own email address, you should now click the "Subscribe Now" button, and you should see a message that you have joined the Jonnil mailing list.

I hope you will join the Jonnil mailing list program, and you should know when I have made the next blog post, see you again soon!

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