Summer job is summer done

This summer I have had a summer job as a company entrepreneur, and today the summer job ended at Grand Hotel in Lund. There we got a diploma and a bag. Sparbanken Skåne has sponsored this, so big thanks to them for making all this possible, and I have had a memorable summer job doing what I love most. It's thanks to this summer job that I have this website now, it has really motivated me to work on my company as a game developer.

Here is the diploma, it says:

Diploma Jonathan Nilsson For committed participation in the project Sommarlovsentreprenör 2017

(Sommarlovsentreprenör roughly translates to "summer entrepreneur")

Here's the bag.

In the bag, there was a bath towel.

There was also a water bottle in the bag.

Finally, a cool picture of me holding up the diploma. Sorry if I haven't uploaded a lot to the blog for some time, let's see if I can upload more when my game has developed a bit more.

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