My mom helping me marketing

My mom came over today and I was so happy, she's been on vacation while I was home working on my new game and making my website. My mom asked me to go with her on vacation but I decided to stay home and work instead and told her to go anyway. Today I told her about my website, and the first thing she wanted to do was make a Facebook post about my website. She really does treat every post and comment with care, always asking for advice how to word some sentences and stuff like that. So my mom and I did a Facebook post about my website and there were some people liking the post, and a comment. last I saw this site had 14 likes, and that may be a low number of likes, definitely when I have got over 3000 views on many of my games, but I do value every person participating whenever I do something, it makes me happy. Thank you, everyone, who likes my new website, and please do share this website, I appreciate it very much! Thank you mom, helping me with some marketing :)

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