Presentation of my website

I haven't further worked on my game today as I have been doing a presentation of what I have been working on in front of... I don't know what it's called in english, summer job entrepreneur thing... Anyway, I wasn't very prepared. I couldn't show of a build of the new game, and it isn't very impressive work right now. I'm just making the player character move around on the map, movement in video games is very important, so that is the thing I want to get right before I make anything else. So I didn't show my game, but I showed this website, as I've been working on it alongside my new game. I'm very proud of this website :)

Game design wisdom of the day:

As I mentioned before, movement is very important, if you would focus on making fun movement for the player character for a whole week (you don't need to design other objects), you could make a game that would be fun to just move around in. That means that you have a game that is fun even before you make the proper gameplay! Or at least that is what I think...

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