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Jonathan Nilsson

Game Designer

I've gone to school at
Ädelfors Folkhögskola - Indie Game Studio.
I was born in 1999 and I live in Sweden.

I've published my own game on steam


I love games like Mario and am a socially shy guy, but not in my areas of interest. I am self-taught and have made lots of games on my own since April 2011. I have worked in Game Maker for over 10 years.

First I made games with Game Maker 8.1, then Game Maker Studio 1, and then Game Maker Studio 2. I learned game design, programming, level design, and digital art on my own.

I also know other programs such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, have done a lot of digital art, and edited film. I went to Nova Academy Digital Design, a student majoring in photography and film.

In 2019, I started making my latest game Sticky Paws, it took 1 year to create, and was released on November 1, 2019. With precision design, I touch the hearts of everyone who has played my games. This was the first game that I started selling, it's a platformer game, like Super Mario, about a cat climbing walls.

I published this game myself and it is distributed on the Steam platform and has sold over 699 copies in total. My own company, Jonnil, was started at the same time. Before Sticky Paws, I released 9 games online, on websites such as Gamejolt and Newgrounds. Those games were released completely free, Sticky Paws is the first thing I started selling and making money on

Sticky Paws is a game that I've made during my time at Ädelfors Folkhögskola (Indie Game Studio).
I did game design, programming, character design, and character animation. I got help from others that made the backgrounds, promotional artwork, voice acting, and music, learning to work with others.
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