This is a game that you should play with a friend, one player controls the character, and the other player controls the Golden Cargo Block.

There is an in game tutorial to let you learn about the controls, but you can also read the controls here...
Character: arrow-keys to move, Up/Space to jump.
Golden Cargo Block: WASD-keys to move. Shift to go faster.
Level Editor: Left/Right/A/D to scroll trough objects. Also use number-keys and character keys (Q, W, E, etc.) to change to a specific object. Left click to place current object. Right click to erase. Click middle mouse button (scroller button) and hold to move around the stage, spacebar does the same thing. Scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

*Gamejolt Version also have a download link! Your download will include Stand-alone version of Golden Cargo Block for Windows.