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Rules of Behaviour

There will be zero tolerance for any of the following behavior:


  • Discrimination or slurs against ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, disabilities or illness.

  • Attacking, abusing or threatening any user for any reason.

  • Posting foul language, offensive images or videos, or links to offensive sites.

  • Spamming, including repeated advertising, excessive self-promotion and posting duplicate content.

  • Posting personal information, discussing, or calling out any user or person beyond yourself on the public chat.

  • Impersonating Admins, Moderators, Staff or any other user.


This is an experimental portion of the site. As long as you follow the rules and stick to the topic (Jonnil games or other stuff related to Jonnil) you can post anything. I will try to read every comment, too shy to send me an email? Send me a comment!

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