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If you have questions about anything you can contact me and I try to answer as soon as possible. You can write down your email, subject, and message in the boxes below and click on the "Send" button when you are done. If you just want to know my email, it's:   If you have questions about my game Sticky Paws, please contact

About Jonnil

My name is Jonathan (Jonnil) Nilsson from Sweden and I make computer games with Game Maker: Studio. I may also be making mobile games sometime in the future. Anyway, I love programming and drawing but I'm not that good at pixel art, I'm also experimenting with making my own music, but I would rather hire an amateur composer than making my own music who have a passion for making music if I have the budget, otherwise, I use royalty free music. If you have questions or you would like to help me making music or even graphics for my game projects, you could contact me in the form above.

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