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New Character

Catlyn is a new playable character!
She works at the "Tree Pink Cafe", making cakes that Sticky likes.
She has a Double Jump ability, making her easier to get to high places.

Game Introduction

Sticky the Cat is on a little adventure retrieving a cake that a mouse stole. Help Sticky through 8 levels full of dangerous mice. Go about the adventure however you like at your own pace.

Game Features

• Multiplayer up to 4 players! You can play locally or you can use Steams built-in Remote Play Together, where only one player needs to own the game and 3 other Steam friends can play together online!

• 2 Characters, Sticky and Catlyn!

• Level Editor! Make a level and then export the level, and send the level to other players so they can play your level! Or your friends can make a level for you to play, that you import into the game!

• Fun movement, like climbing walls and pouncing trough cardboard boxes!

• High score! Each level keeps track of your highest score!
• Speedrun! Each level keeps track of your fastest time!

• Compete with your friends and see who has the highest score or fastest time on each level and try to beat theirs!